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About us

About us

Pakistan Newspapers is Most Free and Independent Publications among the Worlds
Paksitani newspaper is widely circulated around every province in the country. There are many printed, online portal and magazines published regular basis. The TV channel and the social media writing are fee and freedom here in Pakistan.  The Pakistani newspapers are printed in eleven different languages containing English, Urdu and Sindhi. Though, Pakistani civilian choose Urdu Newspapers most above others. 

Some Most popular Urdu and English newspapers of Pakistan:
Daily Jang, Daily Express, Dawn, Daily Dunya, The Daily Pakistan, Nawa-i-Waqt, Khabrain , Daily Ausaf, Daily Aaj

The Broadcasting Channels: 
There are some most popular Pakistan Television broadcast the news and event which is s world-wide popular to Pakistani and Non-Pakistani citizens. The Urdu songs and Movies also have the wide popularity all around the worlds. The Media industry of Pakistan really grow up dramatically as its quality and number of productions. 
However, they try to report the precise evidence after checking them numerous times, they may not at all times be up to the point or might miss some significant point. Therefore, they are all the time looking for recommendations to produce a briefer list. 

What you can get from Pakistani Newspapers List: 
The Pakistani Newspaper List is a newspaper and media directory website which is totally free of cost for world citizens to ready and understand the most popular Pakistani Newspapers from Pakistani Newspapers directory. We have wide range of reader who regularly visit the website to found Pakistani Newspapers, online portal, Televisions, Magazines, Radios and other important portal of Pakistan National governments. 

We welcome the people of Pakistan to visit and get updated news from our Pakistani newspapers list directory portal. All through if you have any suggestion and comments or if you want to submit your newspaper to our directory please feel free to submit email to our official