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The Traffic Situation in Karachi


Illiteracy, pollution, education and over-population have become serious issues in Pakistan. Besides these issues, traffic issues in Karachi are increasing day by day. It is becoming worst especially for students and the working class who need to reach at the time. Citizens of Karachi are ready to fight to overcome their frustration. The population is increasing and people are switching in Karachi from the interior and other provinces for better opportunities. There is no proper system to control traffic issues. There is no traffic light signal on mostly roads. Sometimes traffic official seems to be absent and people are traveling at their risk. Due to no check and balance, people are breaking laws especially bus drivers, rickshaw drivers and bike riders. Traffic issue in Karachi is now at an alarming stage which must be controlled by high authorities. This has increased social and psychological issues. It is creating a short temperament and making people face depression. This is creating negative minds of people for other people. This has involved citizens in road quarreling and damage of public property. The government should improve the performance of traffic police. It is important to make people follow traffic rules strictly. There should be proper traffic light signals. Efforts must be needed to improve uncontrolled traffic conditions in Karachi.

Hina Zulfiqar Ali
Sindh Madarsatul Islam University