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The Water and Sanitation Agency (Wasa) has sought Rs4.445 billion in funds to construct 14 new major water supply and sewage system schemes for the new financial year 2024-25.

The proposed budget also covers other general annual and district development schemes. Under these schemes, major water supply schemes of 24 old rural union councils in urban areas of suburban areas within the Rawalpindi district are also included. Additionally, the budget also accounts for a project that is aimed at converting all Wasa installations and over 500 tube wells to solar power.

Funds of Rs102 million have been sought for the project’s first phase. The completion of this project is expected to reduce Wasa’s electricity bills by a significant 40 to 55 per cent. The development of 14 new water supply schemes will also get Wasa an additional 1.255 million water and sewerage customers, consequently increasing its income.

Thirteen new tube wells will also be constructed under these schemes. The tube wells will be installed in Union Councils 4 to 10, while new water supply schemes will be built in the densely populated areas of Gorakhpur, Sharon Colony, Stridge Colony, Mumtaz Colony, Yusuf Colony, Gulraiz and Shah Faisal Colony. Moreover, the areas of the city which are not supplied with water from the Khanpur Dam will be connected to the Khanpur Dam Pipeline, underground water storage will be built, and new water pumps will be installed.

New sewerage lines will be laid in old union councils of the city, such as Dhok Hassu, Fuji Colony, Dhok Elahi Bakhsh, Arya Mohalla, Rata Amaral, Dhok Rata, Hazara Colony, Affandi Colony, Dhok Khaba, Fazalabad, Pandora, Chamanzar Colony and Khayaban Sir Syed.

More than 500 tube wells which run 12 to 16 hours a day, incur Wasa an electricity bill in the millions. Every year, WASA defaults on the electricity bill. The conversion of tube wells to solar power will provide much-needed financial relief to Wasa.

Hence, Wasa has requested the release of funds by including the conversion project under the new provincial budget, alongside the Wasa budget and annual development program and district development scheme. The completion of these schemes is also expected to solve the water and sewage problems in Rawalpindi.

Published in The Express Tribune, May 25th, 2024.

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