Punjab cities sizzle at 47°C as heatwave continues – Pakistan Observer

LAHORE – Hot and dry weather prevailed in Lahore and most parts of Punjab on Monday with experts predicting the similar conditions to persist on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Per the Pakistan Meteorological Department (PMD), continental air prevails over most parts of Pakistan.

Under these weather conditions, hot and dry weather is expected in Lahore and most districts of Punjab on Tuesday and the next two days. Extremely hot weather is expected in central and southern districts with gusty/dust-raising winds in the afternoon. Partly cloudy weather is likely in Murree and Galyat.

Lahore’s maximum temperatures will likely stay between 41-43°C on Tuesday and 43-45°C on Wednesday.

Meanwhile, hot and dry prevailed in most districts of Punjab during the last 24 hours. Gusty/dust-raising winds occurred in the central and southern districts.

Bhakar remained the hottest place in the province where the maximum temperature was recorded at 47°C. The maximum temperature in Bahawalnagar, Gujranwala and Noorpur Thal was recorded at 45°C.

In Lahore, the maximum temperature was recorded at 42°C. Relative humidity in the evening was recorded at 17 per cent.

The Lahore canal, as usual, attracted a large number of people including women and children. People were seen beating the heat by taking a bath in the canal. At certain places, even women were seen taking a dip in the mud-coloured canal water.

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